Tiny Giants
Accompanying children from infancy through preschool


About Us

All of our teaching staff are dedicated professionals with years of combined experience…

 Tiny Giants Preschool

The preschool teaching team is an exceptional group of individuals, both men and women, who work together tirelessly to plan and implement the days’ activities of our students.  The experiences the children have bring joy to their day and stimulate their minds. Our teaching staff has many, many years of experience working with children in this capacity and truly loves the work that they do.  Their enthusiasm is evident and without exception, and the relationships they form with our children are real and second only to family.

Tiny Giants, Too! Infant Center

Our infant center teaching staff are not only loving, caring individuals who meet the children’s needs without fail while they are with them, they are a trained and educated group of teachers who understand early childhood development.  Their mission is to provide our babies with a loving and nurturing experience that meets their basic care needs and fosters their optimal growth and development.  The teaching environment is collaborative and communal and breeds the familial experience we are at Tiny Giants.

Our Founders

Erin Gumina-Ramos and Jennifer Gumina-Silver are sisters and native San Franciscans who have a combined experience of over 40 years working with children in the Bay Area.  Tiny Giants has been a lifelong dream of theirs and they each live a rich existence working with the children and families of Tiny Giants.