In order to be considered for enrollment into any of our Tiny Giants Programs, the application intake sheet (Download TG intake sheet in PDF Format) must be sent in with the application fee of $100.  Families will be contacted by the center once the application is received with more information about the program applied to and the process for admittance.  Applications and fees do not guarantee enrollment. However, if a family is not admitted into one program, the application can be put into a wait pool for another program without submitting an additional fee.


Daycare Services

Daycare services at the infant center are offered year round as space becomes available.  Families interested in applying to the infant program should download the application intake sheet above and mail it in to the center with the associated application fee.  Families will be put directly into the wait pool based on when the application has been received.  When a space becomes available at the center, families will be chosen for enrollment based on when they have applied to the center and what the needs of the center are at the time of the opening in terms of the age of the child we are looking to fill the openings with.  If offered a spot, families may choose to take the spot at the time the opening is available or roll their application back into the wait pool until another opening comes available.

Enrollment at the infant center, Tiny Giants, Too! does not guarantee enrollment in the preschool aged program.  However, priority enrollment will be given and every effort will be made to accommodate children at the preschool once they reach two years old.



Tours at the infant site are offered monthly on the last Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m.  Please email in advance to schedule a tour.